Monday, October 26, 2009


LUFF has published a book of French translations of some of my essays and short fiction, entitled Saccages. The book release party was on Oct 14 before The Haters performance that night:

Author and publisher...

Jessica with author and editor...

Jessica with Damion Romero...

...and everyone else...!!!

The Haters live at LUFF, Oct 14 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ion-Gun re-enactment, Graz Oct 8 2009

Improved transformer and driver assembly.

The actual ion-gun grid hung above.

Graz, Oct 8 2009, Greg Leyh and The Haters reunited for a reenactment of their 1993 Ion-Gun performance. The new ion-gun had an improved transformer and driver assembly that charged the largely unsuspecting audience to over fifty thousand volts. In 1993 the American audience in San Francisco was pretty competitive with one another in seeing who could get the biggest charge in order to dish out the biggest shock. The 2009 Austrian audience, with a stronger sense of community, seemed much more curious in coming up with different ways to make the ion-gun a shared experience. Most people this time were using different body parts to see how the shock would be effected. This lead to people, mainly females, kissing directly under the ion-gun.

In 1993, the decoy performance on stage was seven members of The Haters watching blank static on a TV while slowly cutting up large pieces of cardboard. This time, the decoy was GX Jupitter-Larsen and Jessica King together grabbing onto the same live microphone and pushing it into sandpaper. An old guy was seen running around yelling about the noise scaring away the devil inside him.