Friday, October 14, 2011

No Comment Art Show (Oct 13, 2011)

Oct 13 2011 New York, Adel Souto and Ian McGillivray sat up a noise installation by GX Jupitter-Larsen at the No Comment Art Show at 23 Wall Street. The exhibition was inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement at nearby Liberty Plaza. The installation was a hour of sounds from Occupy LA recorded and mixed by GX: HERE + HERE

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JIM HAYES said...

You’ve been the only person I’ve been able to talk to of late and I thank you. The idiots next door were having a party yesterday. I got pretty drunk in a pseudo yuppie bar in a strip mine shopping mall about a mile west. I needed a drink. On Friday UPS gave me my clerk job back-hell yeah-we’re talking about $100-$150 a week. I need the money; I’m tired of being broke. So I’m watching the idiots next door clean up their little rented yard and the four pick-up trucks arrive full of friends. And it doesn’t bother me. So I go out and get drunk, nothing much a quiet evening. I figured out the name of my new book, it’s called “the price you pay is always too much”. It is part of the 120 Loop Project. I’m doing a conceptual piece with 120 different parts, based on the name of a state road a half mile from here. That’s a Neo-Neoist concept: use the name or number of a road in your town to base a piece of art on-hell even a road you just like and see where it goes. This book is part of my long memoirs and is gonna be 120 pages long-surprise! How ‘bout Jan 20 for a release date? 30 copies will be printed-15 for promotion and 15 for sale. One of the things I like about the Haters is how you do not want an audience, you want collaborators. So I’m pretty drunk and I’m starting to talk to the idiots in the bar, hilariously named ‘the two monkies tavern’-this fat chick is like: “let me call Faces and see if they’re having Karaoke”. I was like Faces? That place is good to buy coke in but-she looked at me funny like. (Aside I’m cranking alternate mixes from ‘beggars banquet’ as the sun comes up. My idiot neighbors, who rent therefore, they have NO say, have no idea what LOUD is-I am after all, Marietta’s rock and roll animal). This Faces bar is on a cut through road between a main drag (actually State Road 120) and Interstate 75; it is next to the Black VFW which is pretty hopping on the weekend, always a parking lot of fifty plus cars. Faces is a small room that hosts poker games and I’ve been there to cop. The clientele is white trash that scream about Obama without understanding ‘why’. There’s no reason to go there unless I wish to show my hipster big city friends what the end of the earth looks like. Ut oh, I hear the neighbors letting their dog out as I play alternates from the Sun Sessions. I love Elvis. I only listen to bootlegs. Maybe I should put a Haters bootleg out and you should sue me. Ideas ideas ideas. So I go across the street, oh shit, again, it’s state road 120 and it’s an old bar-an old roadhouse called Nicks that has been there since the seventies and it’s sorta trashy. I feel comfortable there. I walk in and it’s a bald guy from NA meetings. He works on the wings of the C-130 at Lockheed on the Southside of town. He tested positive for coke and he has to go meetings to get a piece of paper signed. I told him that it’s a cult and the people are losers. Then he startles me by saying, look, the people here don’t know me as ‘Daniel’ they know me as ‘drako’. Huh? He tells me a long story about looking like a dragon and I’m like okay. Then he tells me has six kids in Kansas to a junkie woman, seven if you count the one he adopted. So don’t get in any C-130’s okay? I walk home and there’s pick up trucks around my house. I emptied my bladder on the driver’s side of one and I walked into my office. They were cranking the second side of Springsteen’s ‘born in the usa’-for real. No irony there. I grabbed a colt 45 and went on my back porch to scream ‘Springsteen sucks! White trash have a party!’ they quieted the fuck down. Yeah I feel good, though completely hung over. I can’t be doing this shit but it was good to get it out of my system. “the price you pay is always too much,” is about getting off junk and getting on Suboxone and getting off Suboxone. I like it. As ever, Jim